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Codice: KX31

104,99 €

Dissipatore costruito professionalmente da applicare all'Elecraft KX3 se impiegato in usi pesanti come RTTY o PSK31

Oggetto senza compromessi ben distante da prodotti economici similari reperibili su ebay.

La confezione comprende le viti della giusta misura e una bustina di thermal compound

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There are less expensive heatsinks available, but buying them is like buying a half-price ticket that only gets you half way to your destination!  The PAE-Kx31 gives the Elecraft™ KX3 up to 400% longer key-down transmit time than stock (band dependent) when cooled by natural convection. Hundreds of happy KX3 owners who have installed the best-performing and best-selling Kx31 now enjoy the extended transmit time at full power desired on digital modes. The Kx31 is a billet-aluminum piece black-anodized to match and compliment the appearance of the rig. It is designed for the majority of operators and will allow for greatly extended transmit time in any digital mode or band at full output. It incorporates several features not found on competing heatsinks:

  • Designed using thermal modeling software for best performance.
  • Ratio of base mass to fin area optimized for the duty cycle of digital modes.
  • Rounded cross-section for no-snag use in fabric cases, and no sharp corners to cut or damage adjacent objects.
  • When mounted on Elecraft™ KX3 along with GemsProducts™ SideKX plates and cover, the combo will fit in a standard Rose’s KX3 case.
  • Custom-color black anodized instead of powder-coated for superior thermal performance.
  • Radiusing compliments the design of the Elecraft™ KX3 and the GemsProducts™ SideKX.
  • Its design interlocks with and greatly enhances the impact resistance of the SideKX Cover.
  • Custom fin spacing matches KX3 screw placement for a clean appearance, unlike others it does not look like a stock heatsink profile modified to fit.
  • Low profile at each end for an interference-free fit with the PAE-Kx35 Mobile Mount (in beta testing).
  • Optimum compromise for most all operators between stock appearance and enhanced transmit time.
  • The Kx31 is supplied with correct longer replacement black-oxide stainless steel screws and a packet of heat-transfer grease.
  • The PAE-Kx31 offers nearly the maximum dissipation allowed by the footprint of the KX3′s top surface.
  • In addition the PAE-Kx31 offers the highest performance in the minimal volume as proven by multiple tests.
  • The PAE-Kx31 offers the best performance value of any aftermarket KX3 heatsink, delivering more cooling per $ than all others.
  • Each heatsink is visually checked after machining, and again after anodizing to make sure there are no defects before being shipped to you.

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